Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Technology is about speed and simplicity.


It is amazing to see the way our youth connects with technology. Its impact on the education sector is extremely positive. Various learning apps, ‘smart classrooms’ and the online availability of rich learning material are making education fun and more accessible. Even outside the classroom, video games, play stations and internet gaming are very popular among the youth.


There are some who believe that technology distracts students from their studies, particularly taking a toll on concentration. One of the raging debates on technology is about whether it is an enabler or a destructor, especially for students.


I view technology as a positive force multiplier. Personally, I have benefited tremendously from technology. I use it not only in governance but also to interact with people from across India and the world. It is a simple and an effective way to serve people.


When it comes to technology, it is essential to have a balance. Get attracted to it, not addicted. Use it smartly and soundly but never let technology get the better of you. 


For instance, when you are spending time with parents, relatives and friends, your focus should be on people, not phones! At the dinner table, enjoy the food-your phones, ipads and video games can wait.Like you have exams, I had one of my own exams-the Gujarat elections of December 2012. The day polling ended and the votes were cast, I moved ahead and began to work on the tasks at hand. I still remember going to oversee preparations for the upcoming vibrant Gujarat Global Summit and reviewing an irrigation project. For me, the vote, like your answer sheet, was a one-way ticket.


Prepare, write, move ahead. 


You may use the play Station but never forget the playing field. The experience of playing in the field with your friends has no substitute.


You could also try having ‘tech-free time’ and ‘tech-free zones’-spend a certain part of the day or designate some spaced at home without any technological indulgence. This may connect you with finer aspects of life you were previously unaware of.


During meetings, I never access a mobile phone or any other gadget. Even during one-to one meetings, my entire time is devoted to that interaction. Other things can wait.


Many people will tell you to completely stop watching television, or be off the internet during exams. I would never suggest such a drastic measure. These aspects of technology bring a refreshing element to your otherwise fixed routine of books.


Use technology to become smart and to unwind smartly.


ACTIVITY: ‘Have a No-Gadget Hour’ and describe your experience.