Gujarat has passed the test of real democracy as even the common man is interested in development of Gujarat. I do not believe in lop-sided development of a handful of places in Gujarat. I want development to reach each village and each person in Gujarat. Today, Vibrant Gujarat is known all over the world, I want each village of Gujarat to be vibrant.

I have absolute faith in the dedicated efforts of the village-people under the leadership of their sarpanches.

It pains me to see the conditions of some of our villages. I remember that when I announced the Jyoti Gram Yojna, Shri Amarsingh Chaudhry, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly came to see me in private. He advised me not to go ahead with the Yojna as he felt that it is simply not possible to supply 24-hour electricity to villages.

He told me that as I was inexperienced in governance, I was being misguided, but he was giving friendly counsel not to go ahead with this tough task. I joked that precisely because the task is tough, the people have chosen me to carry it out and not you!

It was really a tough task, but I was genuinely concerned for the villages – if cities can get 24-hour electricity, then why not villages?

Today, no place in India gets 24-hour electricity – whether it is Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata or Delhi. Only Gujarat supplies 24-hour three-phase electricity to every village.

This is a huge revolution that has taken place in Gujarat, mainly due to the Jyoti Gram Scheme, which has been highly appreciated.

Villages in Gujarat have started getting 24-hour electricity, and the shocks have been felt in Delhi.

The “Sultans” of Delhi were shocked by our achievement and conspired to “teach a lesson” to “that Modi”.

You will be stunned to know that the Delhi Government has stealthily snatched away 200 MV of our electricity.

Why punish Gujarat by taking away electricity worth ` 600 crores?

If they have a problem with Narendra Modi, they should attack him and not the farmers of Gujarat.

I warn those who are sitting in Delhi – you are inviting trouble for yourself if you do not stop harassing the farmers of my state.