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Golden Words… From Guruji


Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.   Giving people an opportunity to go into silence is the greatest gift. All workplaces are excellent places for encouraging people to go into greater silence. Silence and inner happiness becomes a culture of the place. Gain Quality Family Life Nobody needs to struggle if you [...]

Golden Words… From Guruji2021-09-30T01:43:28+05:30

My Beloved Wife – Nina


The best thing that’s happened to me The symbol of love The symbol of wonder The   peak of excitement The epitome of innocence When she speaks only music flows When she silent only hearts melt When she smiles, The world smiles When she weeps, The world weeps When she laughs, Trees vibrate When she dances, Nature dances Just like [...]

My Beloved Wife – Nina2017-12-05T09:32:15+05:30