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The Science of Changing Your Mind – Dr. Joe Dispenza


I am thankful towards you, Dr. Joe Dispenza for deepening my insights on ‘The Three Brains’. In this Video: By understanding how your mind works, you will learn how to unlearn negative habits and emotions to eliminate self-destructive behaviors. With the dynamic combination of science and accessible how-to, Dr. Dispenza will teach you how [...]

The Science of Changing Your Mind – Dr. Joe Dispenza2019-06-08T09:29:57+05:30

A Magic Morning And A Magical Day


A MAGIC MORNING  Excerpts taken from the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne.     Say thank you for the good night’s sleep you received. Are you fortunate enough to have slept in a bed, with sheets and a pillow? Thank you! As your feet hit the ground say thank you. Do you have a [...]

A Magic Morning And A Magical Day2018-03-16T09:33:49+05:30

Magic Dust Everyone


Magic Dust Everyone   Excerpts taken from the book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne.   Gratitude is a powerful energy, and so whomever you direct gratitude’s energy toward, that’s where it goes. If you think of gratitude’s energy looking like sparkling magic dust, then when you express gratitude to another person in return for something you’ve [...]

Magic Dust Everyone2019-06-08T09:30:01+05:30

Ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo


Credits  -     ए भाई, ज़रा देख के चलो आगे ही नहीं, पीछे भी दायें ही नहीं, बायें भी ऊपर ही नहीं, नीचे भी ए भाई...   Hey brother, look and walk,  Not only front but behind as well Not only right but left as well Not only up but down as well तू जहाँ आया है वो तेरा घर नहीं, [...]

Ae bhai zara dekh ke chalo2018-02-04T08:37:40+05:30

MOG – Introduction


 MAGIC OF GRATITUDE ! …. Unfolding miracles ! A unique one day seminar specially designed to take us deeper into our inward and outward journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS ! Benefits of this program: * Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way * [...]

MOG – Introduction2017-12-19T06:23:26+05:30

It’s all about our Attitude!


Excerpt from the book ‘Are you a Super Leader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi.   It is our attitude towards life which makes us experience life as pleasure or pain or as heaven or hell.   We have coined a 95-5 Principle, which says you cannot have a say in 5% of things that happen to you [...]

It’s all about our Attitude!2021-09-30T01:31:05+05:30
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