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Just Let Go!


Anger, Disturbances, Frustration, Resentment and Bitterness is rampant in our lives and cultures. Holding on to such low-vibrational content is damaging to our lives. Many people feel they are caught up in this low-vibe vortex. But the fact is that they are the ones who are holding on to all this content. Learn with us [...]

Just Let Go!2020-10-26T16:35:12+05:30

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part I


Your mind is affected by what  you  ‘Look  Forward’  to. It is not the situation, it is only the feeling created by your own intellect.  If you feel imprisoned, what will  you do? Mind is a programmed machine. What you like to eat is what you are used to eating. If  you eat Punjabi food [...]

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part I2020-11-08T00:06:51+05:30

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond – Part 4


Our culture is equally fertile and resilient; its inner strength inexhaustible. A Society Devoid of Inequality Many things happen in our social life. There are some faults in our direction of thinking, our principles of imagi- nations of social life, our statement of scripture. We cannot afford to sit and curse entrapping in illusions. The [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond – Part 42020-11-08T00:06:47+05:30

Self-Esteem of your child


What is self-esteem? A child has either high self-esteem or low self-esteem. Self-esteem is what the child thinks about himself subconsciously. Self-esteem is the ‘self-talk’ going on in the child subconsciously (without him or her knowing about it). What is the inner voice telling the child? It can be positive (‘anything is possible’) or negative [...]

Self-Esteem of your child2020-11-07T23:24:43+05:30

Feeling Good or Feeling Bad


by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji   Everybody wants to feel and look good, nobody wants to feel bad. It is very easy to shift from feeling  not so good, to feeling very good. Anybody can do it. What is the process? I discovered it a very long  time ago. If you ‘Look Forward’ to [...]

Feeling Good or Feeling Bad2020-11-01T02:16:34+05:30

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond Part 2


Fortification Our social unity, national integrity, the lines dividing the untouchables from the rest of the society and the impregnable walls that heads of reli- gious sects build around themselves are matters of grave concern. Rakshabandhan has the potential to emerge as the solution to this grave problem. The festival which binds brothers and sisters [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond Part 22020-11-01T00:52:40+05:30

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond


(Published in Sadhana, August 24, 1985) Festivals can be envisioned as the very energy of the social life. All over the world, festivals are central to the lives of people, perhaps more so for us Indians. In the land of Bharat, festivals are not merely limited to being expressions of personal joy or means of [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond2020-10-28T18:33:15+05:30

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 3


(Published in journal Sadhana, January 22, 1994) Excerpts from the book ‘Social Harmony’ by Narendra Modi If we look at the politics of our country in the five decades post - independence, we will see that rulers from the higher castes created their own different groups and enjoyed power by exploiting people.  This has changed [...]

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 32020-10-06T12:10:19+05:30

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 2


(Published in journal Sadhana, January 22, 1994) Excerpts from the book 'Social Harmony' by Narendra Modi "Unique Approach of Swami Vivekananda Once during a discussion on non - duality, Swami Vivekananda told his disciples:" I belong to all people. We are followers of the Vedic Hindu Religion. We have nothing to do with Untouchability as [...]

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 22020-10-06T11:55:05+05:30

Harmony Instead of Strife


(Published in journal Sadhana, January 22, 1994) Excerpts from the book 'Social Harmony' by Narendra Modi The miraculous strength of the Indian way of life and thought has the power to tide over all kinds of social, economic and political shocks and point out the path for the welfare of mankind.  This powerful flow of [...]

Harmony Instead of Strife2020-10-01T21:38:49+05:30