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The Virtue of Commitment


Men’s BST at Dehri It was in the early 90’s when Guruji announced once again a separate BST for MEN & WOMEN.   Earlier Guruji used to conduct BST programs but had stopped it for few years as he said he did not know how to channelize the energies that time .   Once he [...]

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MOG – Introduction


 MAGIC OF GRATITUDE ! …. Unfolding miracles ! A unique one day seminar specially designed to take us deeper into our inward and outward journey by exploring and discovering ourselves through this ‘bhava’ of GRATEFULNESS ! Benefits of this program: * Cleanse your soul and create space for wonderful things to come your way * [...]

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Natural Detachment


Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar    When you do this silence-sadhana, the possibility for you to grow is infinite. Every time you meditate, you are a better person than before.    What you do in this Sadhana is very easy. Why? Because nothing is there to be done! You have been struggling [...]

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