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Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond – Part 5


Middle age is known by Bhakti Yug. The entire country was terrified by the attacks of foreign attackers. At that time saints and devotees had saved the society. Eight percent saints were Brahmins amongst them and they were much respected for people. Shrimad Shankaracharya had seen God in a cruel man. Shrimad Ramanu- jacharya gave [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond – Part 52020-11-26T21:10:06+05:30

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part II


Now, most people who use vision make a small but disastrous mistake. For example: it is declared  that a patient has cancer. People teach him to visualize that he does not have cancer, or visualize having  a good time without cancer, or visualize  having  a  time  where  he  is  enjoying  life.  Now this person compares; [...]

Mind – A Programmed Machine – Part II2020-11-11T12:41:27+05:30

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond- PART 3


A Society Directed by Religion We have never believed that an individual is separate from the society. The welfare of the individual and the wel- fare of the society will always go hand in hand. To ensure this, our ancient sages had come up with a unique solution – they did not tie individuals with [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond- PART 32020-11-07T23:29:03+05:30

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond


(Published in Sadhana, August 24, 1985) Festivals can be envisioned as the very energy of the social life. All over the world, festivals are central to the lives of people, perhaps more so for us Indians. In the land of Bharat, festivals are not merely limited to being expressions of personal joy or means of [...]

Rakshabandhan: The Unbroken Bond2020-10-28T18:33:15+05:30

BELIEFS -Control Switch The Placebo Effect


Control Switch The Placebo Effect  Aoccdrnig  to a researcher at CambridgeUinervtisy ,it doesn’tmatter in what order the letters in a erode are, the only iprmoetnt thing is that the first and lastletter be at the rightplace. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it outhit a problem. This is bcuseae [...]

BELIEFS -Control Switch The Placebo Effect2020-10-13T00:44:16+05:30

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 3


(Published in journal Sadhana, January 22, 1994) Excerpts from the book ‘Social Harmony’ by Narendra Modi If we look at the politics of our country in the five decades post - independence, we will see that rulers from the higher castes created their own different groups and enjoyed power by exploiting people.  This has changed [...]

Harmony Instead of Strife – Part 32020-10-06T12:10:19+05:30

Foundations Of Gandhi


By Satish Kumar   Mahatma Gandhi held no office, pursued no career, accumulated no wealth and desired no fame. Yet, millions of people in India and around the world are captivated by his life and his achievements. Gandhi inspired so many because he practiced what he preached, he lived the change he wanted to see [...]

Foundations Of Gandhi2020-10-01T22:01:53+05:30

Universal Understandings


Universal Understandings By Guruji   You don’t have to analyse and  come to a conclusion that you are a ‘Nobody’.    Whenever you are experiencing a problem,  ‘Somebodyness’ -  is present    When you walk along as a ‘Nobody’  you don’t have a problem.    Most of the people don’t expect anything from you  But [...]

Universal Understandings2020-10-01T02:25:46+05:30

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: The Revolutionary Social Reformer


(Based on speeches given in various districts on the occasion of inauguration of Ambedkar Bhavan)   Babasaheb's campaign for the upliftment of the Dalits had several key points.  One of them was the expression of one's personality.  He dreams that every Dalit child should have a strong will, a healthy body, a good education, be [...]

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: The Revolutionary Social Reformer2020-09-11T23:49:57+05:30



Time and again I keep telling I keep suggesting I keep pleading Meditate…meditate…meditate   Time and again I keep inspiring I keep requesting I keep implying Meditate…meditate…meditate   Time and again I am forceful I am emphasising I am insistent Meditate…meditate…meditate   Finally I am saying Lastly I am declaring Meditate…meditate…meditate The only way back [...]

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