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No Death


No Death Exploring dimensions beyond Death! Are you scared of the word 'DEATH'? What happens to you, when you see someone die? What happens to you, when you hear that someone has died? What does the word ’DEATH’ trigger in you? These are various questions we all have… Come and Explore: What happens after Death? [...]

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Filling People’s Buckets (FPB)


By Manoj J Lekhi   "Appreciating all people, situations , events, around you makes you rise in your own SELF WORTH- thereby CREATING WHAT YOU WANT"   Filling people s buckets means to appreciate peoples presence in our lives and seeing the greatness of all around. This is a very important part of our life [...]

Filling People’s Buckets (FPB)2019-06-08T09:29:52+05:30



There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was drinking a glass of wine There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was smoking cigarettes   Like this I thought enjoyment means running after women enjoyment meant going to the discos enjoyment is seeing movies enjoyment is going to social parties   Suddenly [...]


Cest La Vie


  Celebrating Life A musical play by Rishi Gurukulam Katarkhadak Chuldren.   At Rishi Gurukulam our endeavour is to enhance the quality of learning through joyful and effortless education, where children get space to grow in inner richness and live joyfully and healthy together, in the green environment. Vision To Create World Leaders, With the [...]

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Does Heaven or Hell Exist?


HEAVEN OR HELL   Does Heaven or Hell Exist? Do you believe that , we go to Heaven or Hell as per our deeds?   We have heard it from our parents and they have heard it from their parents. Somehow we simply know Heaven is up, Hell is deep down and we are on [...]

Does Heaven or Hell Exist?2019-06-08T09:30:09+05:30
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