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No Death


No Death Exploring dimensions beyond Death! Are you scared of the word 'DEATH'? What happens to you, when you see someone die? What happens to you, when you hear that someone has died? What does the word ’DEATH’ trigger in you? These are various questions we all have… Come and Explore: What happens after Death? [...]

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EGO ( I -Syndrome)


Is it true that ego can actually bring down a person?  Whether ego brings down a person or not, it certainly brings down the peace of a person. The flip side of ego is that it craves for attention. Ego, for its survival, thrives on attention. The craving is to get noticed, the ego drives [...]

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MOM Testimonial


MOM What it reminds is our beloved Mother..🤱🤰👩‍👧‍👦 As we grow up , the paradigm shifts.. We grow , become Professionals.. Then we know MOM as Minutes of Meetings..🗣 We are aware of importance of Agenda of current meeting and MOM of previous meeting...🕙 Then again there is a paradigm shift after the Marriage.. There [...]

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Guruji Speaks on: Spirituality


Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.   Student:  Guruji,  what is Spirituality ?   Guruji: A conscious state of  ‘Being’ wherein you are in the ‘Spirit’ rather than matter,  is Spirituality.   To be dependent on materials to bring you happiness, is to be a materialist.     When you prepare materials that [...]

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Governing Business and Relationships – Part 2


By A. Parthasarathy   The human personality is constituted of on outer body and two inner equipment’s known as the mind and intellect. the mind is made up of feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes. The intellect is the faculty to think, reason, judge, decide. The intellect maintaining its governance over the mind’s activity is [...]

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Timeless Wisdom


Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.   Spirituality Spirituality is not chanting of Shlokas, Neither is it going to Temples, Mosques or Churhces Nor is it about wearing ochre robes or a breaded mala, But, in fact Spirituality is seeing Godliness in everyone, Seeing Greatness in everyone, Standing for everyone in the [...]

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Responsibility & Prosperity


An article from the book ‘Are you a SuperLeader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek). Richness is actually connected to responsibility in a way you might not have thought before. Think about this: In a mall who earns more money, the cleaning staff or the sales boy within a shop? Naturally the sales boy [...]

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Gandhi The Man


The Sanskrit word ahimsa does not contain a negative or pas-sive connotation as does the English translation “nonviolence.” The implication of ahimsa is that when all violence subsides in the human heart, the state which remains is love. It is not something we have to acquire; it is always present, and needs only to be [...]

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5 Tips to get more done in less Time – Part 1


Excerpts from the book ‘SuperLeader Stratergies.’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).   Ask anyone in the world if they want to do more and more in lesser and lesser time and the answer would be yes. That was the motivation for technology to be invented. Earlier we had landline phones then we had cordless [...]

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