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The Social Responsibility


Social Revolution An incorrect belief that performing menial labor is undignified has crept into our society. Until we are able to remove this evil from its very roots, the situation will not change.  Our social reformers have always been concerned about this matter.  Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar was one of the great reformers, who initiated the [...]

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What We Want to Know, We Come to Know


A case was being heard in court. The judge asked Mulla Nasruden, “How did you recognize your own buffalo from among these hundreds of identical – looking water buffalos?”    Nasrudin replied, “What is so difficult about it, your honor? In your court hundreds of lawyers in black coats are standing around, but still I can recognize my [...]

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No Death


No Death Exploring dimensions beyond Death! Are you scared of the word 'DEATH'? What happens to you, when you see someone die? What happens to you, when you hear that someone has died? What does the word ’DEATH’ trigger in you? These are various questions we all have… Come and Explore: What happens after Death? [...]

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There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was drinking a glass of wine There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was smoking cigarettes   Like this I thought enjoyment means running after women enjoyment meant going to the discos enjoyment is seeing movies enjoyment is going to social parties   Suddenly [...]

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