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No Death


No Death Exploring dimensions beyond Death! Are you scared of the word 'DEATH'? What happens to you, when you see someone die? What happens to you, when you hear that someone has died? What does the word ’DEATH’ trigger in you? These are various questions we all have… Come and Explore: What happens after Death? [...]

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There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was drinking a glass of wine There used to be a time I thought enjoyment was smoking cigarettes   Like this I thought enjoyment means running after women enjoyment meant going to the discos enjoyment is seeing movies enjoyment is going to social parties   Suddenly [...]


Guruji’s Message On Celebrations 


From talks by - Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar  Q: Guruji, when does Celebration start?   Guruji: When you have to do nothing, then celebration starts. When you have something to do, work starts.     Q: What is right direction for all action?    Guruji: For action to be proper, first you need to be in Yoga then become Yogastha Kuru [...]

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