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How To Raise One’s ENERGY?


How To Raise One’s ENERGY? Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Startergies!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).We get energy through various sources. As my master has explained we get energy through fi ve sources: Annamaya kosha, Pranamaya kosha, Manomaya kosha, Vignyanmaya kosha, Anandmaya kosha. Annamaya KoshaIt means, through proper food consumed, we can get energy, [...]

How To Raise One’s ENERGY?2024-02-08T14:38:29+05:30

Treasured Moments with Guruji


Treasured Moments with Guruji by Manoj J Lekhi.   The Master Teaches  Many people who have been with Gurujji would often comment:  “Oh… Guruji is speaking the same thing again and again.” Whether it was on five fundamental educations or the six levels of consciousness or any subject he would repeat it again and  again.  [...]

Treasured Moments with Guruji2023-08-19T16:08:09+05:30

True Spirituality – Live Like a King


True Spirituality – Live Like a King The book, Secret, is a wonderful book offering the process of vision manifestation. This book says, ‘Be in alignment’, which means that it is ONLY when you are happy that your visions come true. So, we need to be in a state of ‘okayness’ or, better still, happiness, or [...]

True Spirituality – Live Like a King2023-08-16T19:35:11+05:30

How to Clean Your Inner World?


How to Clean Your Inner World? All of us clean our homes every day, every week, every month and specially during Diwali, we do an extensive cleaning of our homes. What are the steps or levels of cleaning our homes?  The first, which we do every day, is we dust the house. Second, we sweep [...]

How to Clean Your Inner World?2024-05-07T12:52:08+05:30

Thank You!


Thank You! How can I thank you?I have no words to sayBut I will do my best to expressYou have been my friendYou have been so close to meIn fact, the closest of all….I sometimes wonderHow you can be so lovingHow you can be so caringIn spite of all I have done to youI have [...]

Thank You!2024-06-19T13:56:35+05:30

Doing Business Spiritually


Doing Business Spiritually ‘I am interested in spirituality. But I am an avid businessman. I am confused. How do I do business spiritually?’ A good friend of mine - Nirav Somaiya - asked me this question. I had a simple answer to his dilemma. Spirituality is merging the spirit of one with all. A person [...]

Doing Business Spiritually2023-08-16T19:40:32+05:30

Capacity of Human Brain – Part 2


Capacity of Human Brain – Part 2 TYPES OF INTELLIGENCE As explained in the book, The Learning Revolution, by Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos, “Each of us has a preferred learning style and a preferred working style. Some of us are mainly visual learners: we like to see pictures or diagrams. Others are auditory learners: [...]

Capacity of Human Brain – Part 22024-05-21T11:08:31+05:30

Capacity of Human Brain – Part 1


Capacity of Human Brain – Part 1 Most parents in the world do not give much importance to the first few years of their child’s life. The first few years, to be more precise, the first 6 years of your child’s life are the most essential and the most formative years with respect to all [...]

Capacity of Human Brain – Part 12024-05-21T11:10:43+05:30

How to Enhance your Feelings?


How to Enhance your Feelings? An Article by Manoj J Lekhi   Just as the highs are the peaks of our emotions, the deep troughs are the valleys of our emotions. Both are interlinked. We can see the beauty in the completeness. For our regular seekers, since our awareness is sharpened through continuous inner sadhana [...]

How to Enhance your Feelings?2023-08-17T17:23:09+05:30

Self-Esteem of your child


Self-Esteem of your child What is self-esteem?A child has either high self-esteem or low self-esteem. Self-esteem is what the child thinks about himself subconsciously. Self-esteem is the ‘self-talk’ going on in the child subconsciously (without him or her knowing about it). What is the inner voice telling the child? It can be positive (‘anything is [...]

Self-Esteem of your child2024-05-21T11:41:38+05:30
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