Article from the book ‘Are You A SuperLeader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Travel always sets up a great experience for our spirit. For me, our Switzerland trip was quite a good experience. A lot of tourists opt to visit famous and popular cities of this country like Geneva or Zurich or Berne. We thought of visiting different places somewhere in the outskirts which are less crowded. We searched for a peaceful destination which has less activity and is more verdant, to experience and feel the area, their culture and to meet the native communities.


So we chose to first halt at a place called Luzern, a well known city in Switzerland; but soon in our search for a sparsely inhabited town, we decided to stay at a place in the outskirts of Luzern; 45 mins away from the main city, in a small town popularly called as Brunnen. Later we drove to another place which is further in the interior, 15 minutes from Brunnen known as Morschach. It is a small quaint village with complete calmness and serenity to cherish.


To give you a perspective, just suppose, Luzern had a population of approximately 1 lakh, there were about 10,000 residents in Brunnen and merely 1000 in Morschach. As we moved even further, we arrived at a place which seemed like a dead-end. To our pleasant surprise we discovered a place more silent and with a prettier scenic view which was more tranquil than Morschach.


The place was inhabited with not more than 100 families staying there. Our journey continued and we moved even higher towards the mountains. We travelled in the trolley-car and discovered yet another peaceful place; which had a few families residing there. Every new place we visited gifted us complete silence and a breath-taking journey. As our travel proceeded even further we explored smaller villages with an amount of population and houses that could be easily calculated. Moving forward we encountered places full of even more silence and tranquillity.


As we moved ahead we sighted more places that gave us immense quietness and a taste of nature. At a point, we landed on the peak point of the mountains called the Stoos and we could see and overlook Luzern; a completely empty place, just a skiing point (where people normally ski in the winters) with no dwellings up there. It was a spectacular view. A similar case we experienced in India, in all the mountainous areas like the Himalayas or Kashmir itself. As we moved higher and higher above the mountains, we found lesser dwellings, fewer houses and more and more peace and silence. Silence is engulfing in these places; inspiration just flows and the past is forgotten. 


The reason I am sharing this is, just like, the higher we go up the mountains more silence we find, similarly, the deeper we go within, the clearer we see ourselves and feel the silence within. When we meditate, we go deep within and we find similar beauty and silence within. We mentally reach inside our own being and experience the calmest places in the world, better than the Alps or Himalayas, Switzerland or Kashmir. 


It’s synonymous to the places I visited. As I rose above the clutter of urban Switzerland, I landed in the really magnificent Switzerland. As we rise above the clutter of our mind, we fall in line with our rich ‘being’. Of course, when we travel geographically into the interiors, be it Switzerland or Kashmir it is beautiful to visit, but it is even more beautiful and enlightening to visit our own self, anywhere, any place, any time and experience the beauty of Kashmir or Switzerland within ourselves.


Meditation is the pathway, it is a key, it is a door-way to our inner land. It is transcending from the analytical conscious mind to the intuitive subconscious mind. It is a doorway to heaven, a doorway to Switzerland, a doorway to Kashmir which is within us. Meditate every day and see the beautiful landscape within you. 


Meditation is a journey in which you will find Switzerland and Kashmir within you, right here, right now.

A Super Leader is in touch with the Switzerland and Kashmir within him/her all the time.