Excerpts taken from the book ‘Clarity is Power’ by Gary H Karp.


No matter how much we achieve, there is a point at which all of us will become successful enough to once again feel like a failure. You run the race of life in laps once to discover that every finishing line is also the starting line. You run and run only to come back to where you started. As the success graph of life keeps soaring, you only realise, year after year the closing balance once again becomes the opening balance, and you start all over again. The axis is always reset and you find yourself at ‘O, O’ in the graph of life, no matter how much you grow and how much you achieve. All these eventually leave you questioning, ‘Is this all worth it?’ So what is the purpose of life? 


Whether you are useful or useless, the six feet beneath is reserved for all of us. “After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box,” goes the Italian saying. True, but why be a pawn when you can be the king. As the king, you can serve so many and be useful to so many. Remember, “Service to humanity is the rent we pay for living in this planet.” Real peace and real happiness is in making a difference to others, to contribute our best to make this planet a better place. What we do for ourselves will die with us; whatever we do for others and for the world will be left behind and it will remain immortal.