A student has got a teacher

A disciple has got a guru


A student listens to the “words” of what the teacher says

A disciple listens to the gap in-between the words


A student learns “about” the culture

A disciple “imbibes” the culture


A student learns out of respect

A disciple leans out of love


A student operates from mind

A disciple operates from heart


A student analyses the teacher

A disciple is drunk and intoxicated by the guru


A student lives in dualities

A disciple is beyond dualities in samadhi


The life of the student remains “chalta hai”

The life of a disciple is “bliss”

A student lives by history

A disciple lives by potential


A student is predictable and experiences boredom

A disciple is unpredictable and is pure creativity


A student and teacher are separate

A disciple And guru are one


Manojji (Amrut Vivek)