Speak sweetly 

A king one put a question to the nobleman sitting in his darbar (court): What is the sweetest thing on the earth? The king firmly said to his courtiers, “I do not want a text book answer. Your answer should come from your own experience.” One of the courtiers seated there answered, “The sweetest thing in this world is honey.” The second courtier said, ” The sweetest thing is unrefined sugarcandy. ” The third person answered, “The sweetest thing is sugar.” The fourth answer was, “Gulab Jamun.” The fifth was, “Icecream.” And many such answer were given.  


The king then posed a second question, “which is the most bitter thing in the world?” Poison,” replied someone. The king immediately chided the person,”Have you ever taken poison? Have you ever experienced its effect? I said, the answer should come from your own experience. A person who has taken poison cannot be alive.  


There were many answer such as karela ( bitter gourd) , copper sulphate and so on. At last, one man gave an answer which pleased the king greatly. He said, ” Your majesty, the answer to both the question is one an the same: it is the human tongue. Man can have a sweet tongue or a sharp tongue. A sweet tongue is soothing; it is like a balm. It is the sweetest thing. A sharp tongue hurts and harms. It is the bitterest thing in the world.”  


The king was very pleased with the answer and rewarded the man for the same.  


The same tongue can speak harsh words and hurts you ; the same tongue can speak sweet, soothing words to heal you. That is the way, the sweetest and the bitterest, the gentlest and harshest thing in the world is ‘the tongue’.  


Therefore, let us think at least twice of the word that comes out of the lips. Remember, before a word leaves the mouth it has to pass through two fences. There is firstly the fence of these two sets of teeth. There is secondly the fence of the two lips. Before a word can pass through our mouth it has to pierce through these two fences. We must atleast think twice of the word that comes out of our lips. Let us be aware of every word we utter. Remember, of the spoken word you are a slave. Of the unspoken word you are a master.