Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


It may seem strange for someone to tell students to sleep during the exam season but sleep is in fact a great weapon that must be sharpened.


On many occasion people have asked me, Modiji, how do you manage such high energy levels through the day despite the heavy workload and perhaps even less sleep? 


I say that I remain fresh because of good quality of sleep I get. 

The quality of sleep matters. It is futile to sleep for any number of hours if that sleep is not sound.


My sleep cycle varies from four to six hours, depending on my workload. However, the hours of sleep that I get are very sound and that refreshes me for the next day. In fact, I am asleep within moments of hitting the bed, and get out of bed moments after waking up. When I go to sleep, I do not take any worries with me and when I wake up, I am ready for the new day, absolutely fresh. 


My mind functions best after I have had a good rest.


A fresh mind can think and recall better than one that’s desperate for a nap. Inadequate sleep can make even an easy question paper seem tough. Good sleep improves alertness and sharpens concentration.


After every exam, the best way to recharge yourself is to switch off from the world around you by taking a nap.


A good night’s sleep is the key to doing well in exams. It will complement your preparation.


Activity: Rest well before the exam or stay up all Night to study? What would you prefer and why?

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