A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)


 Silence is  of so many  different types

There  is one type of silence when

The  wife does  not talk to the husband

The  greatest punishment  one can receive 

There  is one  type of silence


Which  one experiences  in the graveyard

Which  pulls one’s  energy down.

There  is also a silence 

When  one enters  the hospital

It  makes  a person  feel sick


There  is a silence found

in  schools  which is

created  out of fear  and force


But  there  is another  dimension of  silence

A  silence  of the sages

A  silence  of fullness  within

A  silence  where everything is so  beautiful.


Where  everyone  in wonderful

Where  everything is O K

Where love is pouring from all corners

Where there  is no need to  work


A  silence  so full

A  silence  so complete

  A  silence  in union with god

A  silence  which I experience.