Many villages in our state have showcased their skills and resourcefulness.

For example, Bhujodi has become world renowned for its handicrafts.

Why can’t the sarpanch of every village dream about making his/her own village famous?

The villagers of Dharmaj, near Anand have come up with a unique concept.

Instead of quarrelling among themselves over pasture, they have started growing grass and have developed an organization for supplying fodder to cattle owners.

The income from this has enabled them to build a huge hall which even a large city would envy. Navalgadh in Surendranagar district has pioneered the Gobar Bank.

Dung of around 1500 registered animals is collecand used to produce Gobar Gas, which supplies electricity for the village.

Further plans include providing fertilizer to villagers in proportion of dung deposited by them and selling the excess fertilizer to generate income.

The ladies of the Swaraj Group manage the Gobar Gas Plant and generate income for around 90 families.

I request the sarpanch of every village to explore such options. Why can’t every village have a Gobar Gas Plant or a centre for economic development?

If villagers are determined, they can bring about an economic revolution and create history.

This will happen if all the members of the Gram Panchayat truly understand their role as leaders and work for the development of their village and their state.