Short Term Pleasures OR Long Term Joy?

Our Life is a result of the choices we make!

When we look around in the world and observe people, we notice most people go after immediate pleasures -for instant happiness which often does not endure for long.

They indulge in short-term pleasures and in due course experience long-term discomfort in their life!

You must be familiar with the adage SHORT TERM GAIN = LONG TERM PAIN!

For example anytime we take a shortcut we may get instant results , but the pain we experience later is very disturbing.

When we use other ways to reach the top we do experience , short term gain that results into long term pain.

Life is not about shortcuts! Life is about taking the long route consistently with  perseverance. It  maybe painful and disquieting at the beginning but you will undoubtedly find peace and high divinity at the end.

My Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar has  developed the SSY PROGRAM as a gift to Humanity. Under this Umbrella Program  many sub  programs have been developed like  for  married couples called Magic of Marriage, between Parent and Child called Infant SSY Program and others .

With this experience and understanding we have developed a disciplined habit called – LiYA 1 hour. This includes vision book reading, setting your dreams and goals, being in gratitude , meditating and planning your day on a daily one to one basis. It is a very disciplined way which will pay rich dividends in the long run. But many people don’t follow it out of just sheer laziness or procrastination. The ones who follow it experience short term discomfort for long term comfort and fulfillment.

We invite you to inculcate this principle of some short term efforts to reap long term benefits. Short term discomfort to receive long term comfort! Short term pains to experience long term joy!

Thank You
In Gratitude

Manoj J. Lekhi
(Disciple of Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar)
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