Excerpts from the book ‘Work Ethics’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


This has not come easily. Everyone would surely remember the days when it took endless petitions only to shift an electric pillar that was in the way. We have come a long way from those days. The Gujarat Government has put up 34 lakh new pillars in one thousand days. Farmers are aware of the fact that the burning of one transformer can destroy standing crops and play havoc with the farmer’s entire year. He might have to postpone his daughter’s marriage or even mortgage his farm. Farmers in Gujarat, who have seen such days would be happy to learn that the government has installed 56,000 transformers in 1,000 days under thae jyotigram Yojna. You can see that it has been at the rate of 56 transformers a day. Where once even one transformer was not available in 45 days, we have now been able to provide 56 transformers a day. This has happened only because of our determination. It was our sincere of wish to ensure the welfare of the farmers. We knew that if the farmer’s crop is saved, his home would be illuminated, his daughter would get a proper education. It was my wish that a poor and ill mother should get relief with the cool breeze of a fan, a family can sit together and relax in each other’s company with the lights and fans running. To fulfil this wish, we have installed 23 lakh pillars and 56,000 transformers. In the  past, electric wires would get burnt during heavy rains and they would not be changed till two years. We installed 75,000 km-long wires within a thousand days. Jyotigram has taken shape after mammoth efforts and outlay of thousands or crores of rupees. Our friends in the energy department have worked very hard. They were doing so even before my Chief Ministership also. Each of my workers has worked very hard, not taking a leave even for their own mother’s illness to complete my desire of the welfare of Gujarat. Only then has it been possible to put up 23 lakh pillars. This plan is not a work done just to celebrate inaugurations and claim progress – it has been a mission carried out with extreme hard work to make the dream of an illuminated Gujarat a reality. 


For many tears in Gujarat government of Congress has not produced a single unit of new electricity in any state unit of new electricity in any state of India under its rule. The Gujarat Government has produced 800 crores units of new electricity in a short period of three years. The Narmada Yojna has definitely produced new electric power, but the major benefit of electricity generated by the Narmada Yojna has been made available to Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, and only a very small portion to Gujarat. We are not going to rest after this project. The demand for electricity in the state for industrial, agricultural and domestic use is constantly rising. The consumption of electricity is the poor. The calculation of electric supply in Gujarat since 1960, when Gujarat separated from Maharashtra is interesting. There have been 12 governments in 45 years, an equal number of Chief Ministers and budget to the tune of thousands of crores to generate electricity. We have decided to generate electricity that is equal to the quantum generated in the last 45 years by the time Gujarat celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2010. This will be possible only if there is the will to complete the work of 45 years in 1000 days.  We want to take Gujarat on the path of progress. The quality of electricity will improve the quality of household, industrial and agricultural work. If an electric bulb gets spoilt twice in a year, a poor man will find it difficult to afford 15 or 20 rupees required for that. We have spent around a 150 crores per substations to install 400 KV substations so that the quality of electricity is good and a poor person can save 15 or 20 rupees. And that is very important. We have also decided to supply water in farms.


I have started mission for the progress of Gujarat, for changing the scenario of villages in Gujarat. I am working hard to change the Lifestyle of Gujarat. The development of Gujarat will be helpful in changing the impression of India. We are working with this dream in sight. All the members of our energy department deserve congratulations for winning 25 energy-related awards in one year and winning accolades all over India. The determination and will of employees of Gujarat’s energy department will ensure that darkness will never fall over Gujarat.