Excerpts from the book ‘Work Ethics’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


(At the inanguration of 400 KV substation organized by Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd.,  Vadavi Ranchhodpura, Kadi,Mehsana. July 26,2007)


The problem of shortage of electricity is discussed all over the country. The television would also be informing you about the news of any place in the world. One of the common man is the lack of electricity. Some places experience blackout most of the times. The Irregular supply of electricity has caused industrial units to shift from the once highly industrialized state of Maharashtra to other states. People living in Delhi have to keep generators at home as commonly as others keep TV sets. This situation is seen all over the country.


One of our Prime Ministers had emphasized the negative impact that lack of country during his speech on Independence Day at the Red Fort. He mentioned that the development of India would come to a standstill if the problem of electricity would not be solved. Even after this concern of the Prime Minister, none of the states except Gujarat has taken this matter seriously. Gujarat is the only state in the entire country, which has brought about a revolution in energy.


I took the oath as Chief Minister in 2001. I had barely finished my oath when reporters, executive officers, elected leaders, farmers, and businessmen started coming to see me. All of them requested me to solve the problem of electricity, so that at least they could have their dinner in light


The situation was so bad that children could not study at night during exams and people could not have their dinner in peace due to uncertainty of electric supply. People remember the days when they could not milk their cattle in early morning because there was no electricity. Many a time, villagers had to make do with ‘khichdi’, because without electricity, the village grinding mill could not grind the wheat. All these problems were very common. 


These problems have been solved due to the jyotigram Yojna, which provides uninterrupted twenty-four hour three phase power. Gujarat is the only state in the country to receive electricity for twenty-four hours. We have been able to take Gujarat on the path of complete development through a revolution. Jyotigram Yojna is a major achievement. We have brought about a revolution  in energy for a prosperous society and prosperous Gujarat. We have illuminated villages by supplying twenty-four hour three-phase power. We have spread light in lives of many villagers. Many revolutionary social and economic advantages have been achieved because of this plan. Even the person on the last rung of society is getting twenty-four hours electricity at his farm and his home. The standard of education of students in villages will definitely improve due to uninterrupted supply of electricity. Not only ill the standard of living of villagers improve, but also the migration of people from villages to cities will reduce. Twenty-four hour electricity supply has reduced the difference between a village and a city. A youngster living in a village can also use computers; a village student has started getting facilities equivalent to that in a city. Since the farmers are getting twenty-four hours single-phase electric supply, the life of their pumps has increased. His financial situation has increased crop production. People of cities no longer hesitate in getting their daughters married to boys living in villages. We have been able to supply electricity to everyone, whether he is rich or poor.