Compiled from  talks of – Guruji, Rishi Prabhakar


BOX:  Humans seek happiness by doing some actions or acquiring something, but this gets us caught in Karma Bandhana. India is a land of Moksha sadhana and SSY naturally starts us on this journey. As we do more sadhana with SSY programs we go into deeper levels of Samadhi and become open to greater possibilities. A person experiences the ‘Joy of Giving and Sharing’ through  Seva – service.


Article :

Channelising  Your Energy Through Seva

So learn how to channel your   energy through Seva. When you experience the bliss of Seva, all problems disappear.


Simply meditating without Seva will not get you anything. As  you do Seva you break your own boundaries. This in turn leads to deeper Samadhi.

The more Seva you do, the deeper you can dive within yourself.


Before SSY a person’s sadhana is to bind himself in more and more boundaries. This sadhana frees us and we experience higher and higher levels of freedom. Seva is expressing your freedom, which in turn leads you to higher and higher states of freedom.


Your  whole life  becomes Seva.  

When I was studying, as soon as I realized that I wanted knowledge, not marks, so that I can use it for Seva, studying became Seva and I started  coming first.


Seva with Spiritual Awareness

Guru Seva is higher than doing Seva outside. Doing Seva outside without spiritual awareness only builds the Ego. Living in Seva brings you everything.

You cannot do Seva after you get everything. This formula never works.

It is not after getting everything and accomplishing what you wanted for your personal security you start Seva. This is the attitude of people who feel separation from others and will never be able to experience  the joy of, ‘True Seva’.


Responsibility and the Law of Nature

When we do Seva, everything becomes available. Seva is the source of great freedom. The more Seva we do, the more support we get in material and human re-sources.


As we take on greater responsibility, the more nature supports us automatically. (Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Baba  Amte etc.) As we put our life in Seva, our Bliss (Ananda) starts growing. We start experiencing a new space.


Life with a Master

Everybody has his or her vision,    not a collective vision. It is only the Guru who brings people together to follow a collective vision. The collective vision includes all individual visions.


By coming together we can manifest all visions effortlessly. Collective vision alone brings true happiness, abundance and prosperity.


Under a Guru everybody feels that he is taken care of. A  Guru is a catalyst in bringing people together by holding a vision together with the under-lying principle that ‘May every-one have what you want for yourself’.

Seva is the way to bring your ‘Ideal World’ to a living reality.


My Guru, Bhagwan Vishweshwaraiah’s life was spent in Seva. He taught me to take higher and    higher jumps by giving his total support and assurance that he is always there, standing behind me,   in all I do.


Under a Guru one learns how to offer oneself 100%, lock, stock    and barrel, Tana (Body), Mana (Mind), Dhana (Wealth) to every-body around. Most people offer Tana and Mana but cannot offer Dhana.


Unless we offer all three, no true sharing happens.

No real growth can take place   in an individual or society. The degree to which you share yourself, and include everyone as your own, decides your freedom.~