From talks by – Guruji, Rishi Prabhakar


An Asprushya (Untouchable) says. “You offer service (seva) to me, so that you will get some Merit (Punya).”


He himself does not offer service to others so that he can get merit. He follows a reverse Dharma (principle of life). This is an Adharma. An example of  people living like this are beggars and thieves. They are the living by the lowest principle of life – as Asprushyas.


A Shudra offers seva so that he can show off. His is an “Ego-oriented” service.


He does it to boost his self-image and to gain recognition. They do  seva out of goodness. They try to show off that they are good people. Such seva is simply exhausts and  tires a person.


A Vaishya offers seva to gain merit.


He knows that by securing others   he is also benefitted. He goes out of   the way to help beyond what is contracted as duty. He is always looking for opportunities to serve others.


He takes up projects like setting up industries in rural and under-developed areas, wherein he is also benefitted in the form of subsidies and tax benefits from the govern-ment. He serves with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. He is  a willing contributor of community affairs like festivities, sports meets, construction of schools, parks hospitals etc. which in turn gives him goodwill in society.


A Kshatriya does seva, out of love for the people.


He enthusiastically does seva for   the upliftment and better in of the society. He does whatever is required  to be done.


The Brahmana lives by a  state of no-result orientation. So,  whatever he does is a play. He playfully  does seva.


Seva without a sense of doing it, doership is what keeps playfulness alive. He does not even know that  he is being it. He does not recognize it as seva because it is his very nature.


A Siddha is totally free. His  Being itself is seva. Whatever he does is seva. Whatever he does not  do is also seva.