Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


Guruji,  Shree Rishi  Prabhakar, an MBA Graduate from Ontario University Canada

answers queries on : Management


Do material goals come in the way  of spiritual Goals?


Living in ‘Goals’ itself is material. The Spirit is awakened in Silence.


Taking some time to be goal-less is spiritual sadhana / practice.  Here, there is ‘Nothing to Attain.’


In life, we are usually racing our-selves with some goal to be achieved. We never realize that life   is not about achieving anything. 


We don’t take time to enjoy being with nature in forests, or just play with a child or be child like players with nothing to accomplish. We even make play into an effortful exercise and get stressed while  playing.


All  achievers  are strained.  No great thing has ever been achieved by  trying to achieve. 


A great piece of art is not     performed for a competition. It rather flows from an inspired heart  who is in wonder. 


Albert Einstein’s discoveries hap-pened while he was playing the  violin in timelessness.


Material well being naturally happens with spiritual well being. It is never the other way round.


Then, should we neglect our hunger and sit for meditation? No. You cannot sit for meditation when you are extremely hungry. Satisfy your hunger first with a light juice  or fruit. 


With meditation, your hunger will come down. You will start eating to live rather than living to eat. Less will become  more. 


You will start experi-encing abundance with what you already have. Then sharing will start without any strain on your part and give you the ability to part with things that you have in excess.