In today’s rushed age, time is one of our most treasured resources. When you ask someone if he has free time, the most common answer you will find is, ‘No ways’. Is it really so? We have ample time to do a number of things we wish to do in our life-time. But most heard and common sentence is, ‘I have no time’.



This statement is heard not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas. In one of my trips to Katarkhadak, Pune, at our quaint ashram nestled in the hills; I observed that everyone residing there, was packed and tight with their own schedules too. Everybody is busy and everyone has the same 24 hours to get done with their routine, but if they wish they can do all what they want in this equal time, managing their work, their responsibilities, their normal routine and their personal pursuits. It simply depends on one’s priority. 



Time mis-spent on others


There was a point in my life when even I belonged to the same kind where I had no time. No time for myself, no time for things I loved to do, no time for my loved ones. And then I happened to follow SSY and met my beloved Master. The more I associated and surrendered to him, the more clarity and understanding I developed. This gave me an insight, where it made me realize that most of my time,

I used to put all my efforts in pleasing others. Pleasing my near and dear ones, be it family, be it friends, all of them. There was a revelation about how I had actually spent my life, ensuring that everyone else is happy, but myself and in the process was not doing what I enjoyed. 



I would find my happiness, but through others. I was dependent on various elements outside to be joyful and happy. Let’s say, if I don’t attend my friend’s wedding, what will they say, if I don’t attend some family function or family party what will they think. Until then my life functioned on the opinions of others and their perceptions. This is something that we all face at a point of time in our lives, we are more concerned and are more affected by what people say and focus on proving our capabilities to the society. 



Re-claim your Time

Under the guidance of my master, I decided not to let my life revolve around the orbit of opinions, but to do things that make me happy, be where I feel happy and do what my heart says. From that point itself, I stopped going to all functions and ceremonies just for the sake of going or as a responsibility that I take up. I discovered that now when I put that baggage down, there is ample time I have for myself. 



Time for meditation and yoga, for my sadhana, for reading books, for walking peacefully, for doing things I feel happy and blissful about. I have time to enjoy every bit of happiness which I missed earlier. There were no compulsions or rules.

This new routine helped me fi nd peace, calmness and inner joy.



When we leave behind the self-created worries and stress or certain responsibilities that are burdensome, we start living our life more smoothly and we simply fi nd ourselves. Some people will think that I have left my duties or my family or my friends or I have sacrifi ced my human side but this isn’t true. Living a peaceful life does not mean parting away from your social life. I did not cut myself off from society, but rather I have cut the idea or the thought, that visiting

a particular place is important or there is a compulsion of doing things as per others’ needs and expectations, worrying about ‘what will they think about me’.



Let me do things that make me happy and bring peace and joy to my life; all those things that give me a sense of blissfulness. Let me listen to my heart. Let me experience my feelings and share the joy I derive out of it with my family and friends. There was a shift of priorities in my life. Gradually over a period of time, I started spending my time on myself. You may continue to do things, like going to

social functions and parties, but go where your heart wants, where you feel loved and cherished. Spend your time with people who are worthy of it and who value you and with the ones you care for.



I would love to share one experience here. Once, I went to Delhi for a family function after a very long time. Things had changed. I met my relatives after a very long period of time, approximately after 20 years, but what remained constant was our bond, love and care. If they value you, even if you don’t meet them or talk to them frequently, you still are going to stay and feel connected and that same thing happened that day. The truth is, things don’t change. Even if I don’t see them on a regular basis; my gestures and my expression of love towards them was enough to show them how much they mean to me. 



It does not mean that outside pleasures are not important, but the inward journey of knowing one-self thoroughly is of paramount importance. Let us spend more time in discovering ourselves and when we feel the joy, let us share it with our loved ones. We will soon observe that the self-love, peace and happiness we feel inside, radiates outside every moment, everyday and everywhere we go. I just followed the below policy in my life: ‘In spiritualism be selfi sh; in materialism be selfl ess’.


A Super Leader follows his/her heart and does what his/her heart says and fi nds ample of time for himself/herself. He/ She is always experiencing an abundance of time. A person who has lots of time is a very wealthy person.