A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek)


Do you see the vastness of the

Do you ever observe the sensitivity?

The beauty of the seen setting

How you observed the tenth stash

The grandeur of time woof?

If depends how sensitive you are!


Have you ever smelt the wet earth?

          Have you ever smelt the rose flower!

          The jasmine twice, the different flowers

          The trees, the rain, and ever the sweet air!

If depends how sensitive you are!


Have you ever tasted the taste of the fruit?

The ounthynem of the sweet apple

                    The bite of the raw carrot

                    Or the watery furry cucumber 

                    Or the sweetness of the coconut

Again, how sensitive are you?


Do you hear the changes of the boyish everyday?

Do you hear the gush of the wind everyday?

Do you hear the swaggers of the trees?

You can, if you are sensitive


Have you ever self the soft touch of chills hands,

The loveless of your mothers hug

The tenseness of your

The loveless of your wife kiss 

Are you sensitive enough?


Berries this is all leafs about,

The small things, the little things

Which make our life rich and richer?

Sensitively is all life is about


Sensitivity is an quality

Which arises?

When we have all the time in the world

When we are relaxed within and untaught