By Manoj J Lekhi


Why can’t we forgive others?

It is because we have not forgiven ourselves.


Why is it difficult to appreciate other people?
It is because we have not appreciated ourselves.


Why don’t we love people unconditionally?

It is because we have not loved ourselves unconditionally.


Why do we find faults with people?

It is because we continue to find faults in ourselves.


Why do we judge others?

Because we are strict judges of our own self.



At the SELF-LOVE SCOPE camp, we start reversing everything.

We begin to see ourselves, meet ourselves and know ourselves a little more.

We begin to accept ourselves, appreciate ourselves and forgive ourselves.

We start to love ourselves unconditionally.


SELF-LOVE  is a complete,  action-based camp with hands-on tools to shift our energy and vibrate  between 80 to 100 counts on the Vibration Spectrum.

This camp offers an experiential training to lift our energy at our own will, with effective, actionable exercises..

It comprises all the learnings imbibed by me from Guruji since the past 25 years and all my self-learnings from various successful authors since the past 4 years.

SELF-LOVE  is a dynamic SCOPE camp with practicable tools to vibrate in the higher realms of consciousness!

Loving Ourselves Unconditionally is the Highest Virtue!