An Article from the book ‘Thank You Guruji!’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Guru Poornima at Dehri


We were celebrating Guru Poornima in Dehri ashram in August 2011 and after the function the next day, early in the morning Guruji and all of us went to a village for the Clean India 



We came to the village and for about 2 hours we went about cleaning the village and after that there was an E-Satsang which lasted for further 2 hours.


It was around 2:00 clock in the afternoon. And everyone was taking lunch. One by one everyone was in a line to take prasad from Guruji and I was beside him and giving him sweets to be given to each person coming there. 


I noticed there was an old lady, probably eighty plus in age, in torn and tattered clothes. I guessed she was very, very poor. She had come for the prasad. There I noticed Guruji just looking at her and for a few minutes, he simply smiled and looked at her. It was a long pause for many minutes both of them were just “THERE”. Time had stopped.


It was a great turning point in my life. This was one more time Guruji taught me without any words just by his ‘being’. He went on looking at the lady and the lady went on looking at Guruji. Tears flowing from her eyes and even Guruji’s. There was so much… I cannot say love, but ‘seeing Godliness in each other.’ 


I realized that this need not happen only in Narayan process which we do in retreats and in AMC. It can happen on the roads & streets of our cities, it can happen anywhere and everywhere and this is what Guruji has always been saying. 


I actually experienced this when I saw Guruji and this lady seeing Godliness in each other. I recollect that this is what Guruji’s entire life stood for. 


When I designed the Pi program, I told him about the Vision Book. One day in our terrace when we were doing Kaya Kalp Kriya, he just laughed. He said you have written so many visions but for me I have only one Umbrella Vision ‘I see Godliness in Everyone’.


From that day I imbibed that and it has been the primary vision for me. Of course under that there are many other goals, milestones and small visions but my Umbrella Vision has always been ‘Seeing Godliness in Everyone.’ 


Now I have renamed it as ‘Seeing Divinity in Every Being!’ which is more appealing and has a global reach. Today, I live by it. 


I borrowed it from Guruji. You may borrow it too, after reading this chapter.

Thank you Guruji!