Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Strategies.’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


Actually there are so many secrets to health, but we have condensed the numerous points into 7 tips for you. 


Before delving into a healthy life, let us define health. As per the dictionary, the definition of health is the absence of disease.


What is disease?

When we are not at ease with life, we are in disease. When we are not at ease with life, means not at ease with food, with exercise, with fitness of the body, with our belief systems

with our feelings itself and lastly with our intentions. Now, let us go through these and list out the 7 tips or secrets of a healthy life.


Secret # 1: Healthy Food

The first one is of course food. Everyone has spoken about food, I guess you will get tens of thousands of books on each and every type of food that is good or bad. And the person

gets totally confused whether to eat non-vegetarian food or not to eat, to drink milk or to avoid it, to have onions or not to have. There is so much information and hence there

is so much confusion in the area of food. Remember, food does play a part, no doubt, but it plays only 10% part in the fitness and health of our body.


I wish to give you a very simple tip for the food. What you have to do is continue to eat whatever food you are having right now, but have small quantities, may be 4-5 times in a

day. Consuming small quantities at one time will keep you healthy. Besides, every meal should consist of 50% raw food or salad. How to make it simple is very easy. Just have one

bite of cooked meal followed by one bite of salad and so on.

It will take you a long way – experiment for 40 days and see. You will be a different person.


Secret # 2: Energizing Exercise

Next comes exercise. This also plays an important part but only 15% of health is dependent on exercise. I was never an exercise-oriented person. The maximum I would do is pranayama but after a certain age, the body gets stiff so I began to do cardio, some stretching exercises too. Exercise is a must but we should not force it on ourselves. A very simple tip on exercise is – how much you can do, do it but make a simple rule for yourself like I do. If I can walk the distance,


I would never take a vehicle. So wherever possible, walk it around to your destination. Make it a habit. If I can climb, I always prefer taking the stairs at least up to 6 floors. These are simple tips which I have followed. It keeps me healthy, fit and energetic. Do your exercise how much ever you can do it. Don’t strain yourself, straining has a reverse effect on health and weight. At the same time not doing exercise also will be a hindrance to your health. So exercise everyday. 


Consistency is the key. How much can you do? Do that much. Increase it gradually, not overnight. 


Secret # 3: Elevating Thoughts

Next comes thoughts. Thoughts play a huge part in human health. Are we harbouring positive thoughts or negative thoughts? If we are having high vibrational thoughts, definitely our health will become better. It will become fantastic. I don’t call it ‘positive thinking’, rather I call it ‘positive being’. If we have low vibrational thoughts, low energy thoughts, they are going to have an effect on our health.


Thus, check your thoughts. That will make a huge difference. What are you thinking? What type of thoughts are you creating? The talk which is going on inside our minds is called self-talk. So what is your self-talk, the chatter in your mind? That is what we need to check and once we catch that, then things change dramatically for us. We can shift to high vibrational thoughts immediately.


Secret # 4: Loving and Wholesome Feelings

It is feelings which really matter. Feelings are the most important aspects of our lives. Our feeling is what creates the next thought, thought creates the next feeling and this becomes a cycle. Either it empowers us or pulls us down. Do you know we get 60000 to 80000 thoughts in a day? It is very difficult to catch (although I told you to catch) the thought but it is easier to catch the feeling. Why is it easy to catch the feeling? This is so because feeling gives a tangible evidence to the body. Hence, it is very easy to catch them. 


If we can catch our feelings, we will be able to catch our thoughts quite easily. That’s the secret. Let’s catch our feelings. If we are feeling low, immediately our thoughts will be low, if we are feeling great, our thoughts will be great. So even if you are feeling low, catch it at that time, shift it, there are many ways to shift it like just put on some good music or go out for a nice walk, or spend time in nature. Your mood will change. Once you change your mood, your thoughts will start changing.