Science of Leadership

“To Lead people, Walk Behind them!”


What is the SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP camp about?
The SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP camp takes us into an exploration of who is a Leader.

  • A true leader is both, a student and a teacher.
  • Learn about the different types of Leadership styles which are closely linked to the
    consciousness level of each individual.
  • Discover the essential factor that makes one an effective Leader!
  • Understand the Science of how to evolve to a higher realm of Leadership!
  • Think about this…..
  • Do Leaders matter?
  • Is Leadership an Art or a Science?
  • Are Leaders born or developed?
  • Can Leadership be taught?
  • What type of Leader are you?
  • Which type do you want to be?
  • What is your Effectiveness Ratio?

What are the Benefits of the camp?

  • Master your personal dynamics.
  • Understand the world’s inter–connectedness.
  • Understand your role.
  • Make a difference in the world.
  • Create an environment where people excel.
  • Discover what you are doing right and what you are missing.
  • Find your leadership style.
  • Release your fears and be inner–directed.

What does it cover?
Leadership depends on the consciousness level one is living in.
The highest essence which is, Effortless Leadership, is achieved by continuously functioning at the
highest level.

The camp involves interactive learning, practical tools, meditative and self-assessment practices,
which help to understand the Science of Leadership and enables us to operate at the highest level
of Leadership!

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