Everyone has his Pride

Mulla Nasrudin was working as a policeman and he stopped a women for speeding. He quickly pulled and started writing. The woman said, “Listen, don’t waste your time writing – the Mayor knows me.” But he went on writing. The woman said, “Did you hear or not? The chief minister knows me too. “But he just went on writing. Finally the woman placed her last stakes, She said, “Can you hear or not? Indira Gandhi knows me too.” Mulla said, “Stop talking all this nonsense. Do you know Mulla Nasrudin?” The woman replied, “which Mulla Nasrudin is that? What do you mean?”

He said, “My name is Mulla Nasrudin, and if I know you then something is possible. Whosoever else knows you… even if God himself knows you, this report is going to be written and you are going to be prosecuted.”

Everyone has his pride. The policeman too has his arrogance; he has his own world, his own realm. If you are caught inside it he will harass you. The ego lives within the boundaries of what you can do. You can see that an egotistical person feels very helpless in saying yes.

Examine yourself carefully. I am not giving you a yardstick with which to check others. Use it for self – analysis. To say no gives pleasure because one feels powerful in saying no. when a child asks if he can go and play outside his mother says no: “No!” There is no harm in playing outside. If the child cannot play outside where can he play? And the mother also knows he is going to – he will raise an uproar, he too will show his strength. There will be a clash of wills and politics will be used. He will scream and shout; he will throw things. Then she will say, “Go and play outside!” But when she is the one saying. “Go and play outside,” it is okay. Then he goes, obeying her orders.

“No” come easily. You keep it ready on your tongue. Look carefully: ninety times out of hundred there is no need to say no, but you don’t miss any opportunity to say it. When you get a chance to say no you seize it immediately. You feel helpless when you have to say yes. You feel insignificant when you have to say yes. To say yes means you have no power. Therefore, the very egotistical become atheists. To be an atheist means they have said the final no. They have said that even God is not, forget about anyone else. An atheist has made the final, the ultimate denial. The theist has accepted the ultimate, he said yes, God is means, “I am not” And to say no to god means, “Only I am Above me. No one is above me, no one is beyond me. No one can set limits on me.”

Our doing gives strength to our ego. Keep this sutra of Ashtavakra in mind: “I am the doer, “thus has the black serpent of ego bitten you. You are uselessly disturbed and miserable. This misery is not coming from somewhere outside – we ourselves have created the unhappiness we suffer. The bigger the ego, the greater the misery. Ego is a wound, and the slightest puff of air gives pain. It is impossible to make an egoless person miserable. And it is impossible to make an egoist happy. The egoist had made a decision not to be happy – because happiness comes from realizing, “I am nothing – I am a drop in the ocean. A drop of the ocean – and only the ocean is. What is my being?”