I had once asked Gavaskar, how did you manage to play those marathon innings for six-seven hours when the practice session at the nets never exceeded for forty minutes? 

The answer was mind blowing. 


Gavaskar said it was not the batting duration at the nets that was responsible for your staying power at the crease.it was the visualization process that prepared a batsman for the real thing. You had to be in the zone that convinced the mind that you were batting session after session and in the process getting big hundred. 


 A batsman also had to find a way to relax and be ready when he stands at the batting end. The mind has amazing power. Which provides you the energy and stamina to carry on.  


Preparation is also essential. Mind you, preparation never begins at the nets or in the dressing room. It begins in the bus, in the hotel room, at your friend’ s party or during a walk down the beach. 


They say you improve the most when you don’t have to appear for exams the next day. You became better while resting as your mind is at its best when it is at peace. It’s so true. 


I remembered what Desmond Haynes had taught me several years ago at the beginning of May Career in England. Keep thinking positive. Keep visualizing your success. If you think you will Nick outside the off stump, chances are that you will.  He said, the best innings of your life will be the ones when you go to bed thinking of success and believing in success. Desmond Hayens was a brilliant batsman who had successfully combated the best fast bowlers in the world but even he would fail whenever he allowed himself to feel even an iota of the year.