By Guruji Rishi Prabhakar


What is  meant  by  Tapasya?


Guruji: Tapasya means stopping everything and just ‘Being’. If you  go on repeating the same old karma,  it  reinforces  the  same  result. 


When you throw away garbage, your vehicle becomes light and can travel very nicely. Learn to travel  light  in  life. 


If you have very good friends everywhere, there is no need to carry a bed as they will give you  one. Similarly, you don’t need to carry money, as they will look after you. Friends help  make your  journey very  light. 


You must develop so many friends who give you pran: that is real wealth, not gold! 


Sadhana is your true diamond.


First: Person is not getting disturbed.


Second: Is to have more and more pran from friends. If you think nobody cares for you, then you  have  to  carry  your  own  luggage. 


People who are growing say: ‘people are wonderful, they take care of each other’. People who are growing smaller, say ‘nobody bothers, nobody cares’. Watch your vocabulary! Watch how and what you say. If you think things are   hopeless, that means you have lost all your friends. Do more sadhana. When negative things are going on, that means you have gone down very badly. Life is not about getting to some place but about enjoying the journey itself. Whenever you start focusing on some result, you are disturbed. If you focus on results that don’t happen, then you feel sad. So now stop and the karma machine will  stop. That  is  sadhana. 


When you do Kaya Kalpa Kriya, you are stopping and switching off the karma machine. If you just sit  quietly, you get more disturbed if you can’t sit quietly. Use that energy and do pranayam till all kachra is released. You will have more energy once the kachra is out and you are refreshed. 


This is using your negative energy, very positively. If you get very angry, do lots of pranayam so that same energy  goes  out  and  purifies  you.


When you accumulate enough bad karma, you disconnect with others and with life itself. When that electrical resistance between you and  the rest of the world is built up to such a point, then you die. When no connection is possible because of   all the built up resistance and prana stops flowing, then this jeeva dies. As long as you have a pure connection between yourself and the world, you enjoy being with the world. As long as you maintain this joy of being in the world, you will never die: you can live for thousands of  years.


What  is  Sadhana?


Guruji: Doing nothing does not mean sitting quietly and asking everybody else to work. It means doing sadhana. Are you able to understand? When enthusiasm is down, start sadhana. Petrol is finished! What kind of sadhana? We want to produce more love, more happiness for each other. If you work only for your own security and feel, ‘Nobody cares, I better earn  myself ’, this means you are going in the wrong direction. Understand  what  is  sadhana.


Simply going to work daily to bring some money home, with less and less enthusiasm is not karma yoga, it is only karma. Instead, save petrol, the world will be better off! Your activity in the world must bring more enthusiasm, more love, more carefree consumption: not more consumption and more problems. All of you understand this? You are rich enough, don’t worry! You don’t have to work feeling so tired and disgruntled. You don’t have to  work – you can stop. To earn more money, stop and do prem sadhana and  not  money  sadhana