By Guruji Rishi Prabhakar

What should you do when you are disturbed?


Guruji: When you are disturbed, do not take any action. This is difficult for some time as you really want to do something, like punch that person. Hold it for some time. When you are very angry, don’t talk to that person! In anger, whatever you do, will hit you back very badly and then you will regretfully wonder why you did this. Don’t do anything  when  angry or  disturbed. 


Initially, you are trying not to be disturbed! Use your buddhi – intelligence to hold back reaction. Then when you do sadhana and are really quiet, then you won’t have to restrain yourself as you are automatically okay. Once you start experiencing this, nobody can irritate you. 


You get hurt only because of your ego,  not otherwise. 


When you let go, then all that anger comes down. Once you come to that level, your blood pressure and illness too will go away. So for the next two years, be very careful and do not  miss  doing  kriya  regularly.


What  is  doing  Nothing?


Guruji: We do not tell you to not take action. Simply do not react  when  disturbed. 


Act in a way that brings greater seva, greater love, greater harmony, especially with your  wife! 


Then, after any error, your love will grow a step higher, not lower! You must feel very sorry. Disappearance of that kachra (rubbish) from you, will give rise to a greater relationship between you and your wife or others. Day by day any resistance between you and your wife must  be drained out and this operation will also remove kachra.


After  every error, you must become closer to  each  other!


This does not mean that you are perfect yet, for there will be even more kachra for cleaning! All your strong ideas, your strong opinions are a problem for relationships and this karma that you carry, blocks  you  from  being  peaceful.


Being together need not necessarily lead to boredom, it must lead to more and more togetherness. You did not want to be alone, you wanted to be with this person. So, you have a partner to experience great  things  in  life. That experience must now manifest more and more, not less and less and your togetherness must bring greater togetherness  in  your  family. 


More and more people should join in this bond of love and your family must expand day by day. If more  and more people want to be with you, then it shows you are growing. If you find you are going away from people, with: “We will not go to his house, we will not meet these people, that person is hopeless, a  fool!” 


If you go on experiencing this, then your relationship is not okay. A family should grow or it will become small. If you feel you don’t want anybody, you are highly disturbed. You must do deep tapasya  for  weeks  to  get  over  this.