An article from the book ‘Are you a SuperLeader?’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).

Richness is actually connected to responsibility in a way you might not have thought before.

Think about this: In a mall who earns more money, the cleaning staff or the sales boy within a shop? Naturally the sales boy earns more than the cleaning staff of the mall. Similarly who earns more money, sales boy or supervisor? It is obvious that it is the supervisor who earns more money. Likewise who earns more money – the supervisor or the manager? Naturally the manager earns more than the supervisor. Who earns more money, the manager or the shop owner in the mall? Naturally, the shop owner. Lastly who earns more: owner of the shop or owner of the mall? Definitely the owner of the mall.

The higher the designation, the amount of responsibilities also increase and when the responsibilities increase, one becomes richer. When it comes to the cleaning staff, they only have to manage the cleaning areas of the mall. When it comes to the sales-man he has to overlook the sales, similarly supervisor has to manage many salespeople and manager has to cover the whole management. The owner has to oversee all sales to purchasing of his individual shop while the owner of the mall has to run a mall completely from start to end. 

This way the one with higher authority is the one richer than the other. As the responsibilities and work grow, richer we become. In the outer world whoever takes the higher ownership will get the joy of business, salary and satisfaction. Likewise the social worker who takes up responsibilities in a community gets more and more resources and services because he has taken up other’s duties and promised them the fulfillment of those.

One person wants his own home rich and another feels all the homes in the community are his. The second type of personality is richer than the first category. The person who feels entire country is his, is far more richer than the other two; the person who feels that the world is his, is the richest amongst all of the above. His sense of responsibility will soon translate into riches.

Responsibility and the Inner World

The more we take up responsibilities, not only in the outside world but equally even in our inside world; the more we find ourselves responsible for our own lives, the healthier we will be, the happier relationships we will have and even

abundance will flow into us. 

When we stop complaining or arguing or giving excuses, in other words we stop passing the buck, it gives a thorough indication that we have taken the responsibilities given to us willingly.

So when we start as children, we are the happiest people with no arguments or judgements or comparisons. The more complaints and excuses we have within, the poorer we feel inside, leading to frustration and aggression. For example; if a certain work is given to you, and you accept it positively and that work, be it any huge responsibility given, will be done easily and smoothly. When we complain or compare it with other things our attention is more on that part and less on the work part which indirectly affects our output, our efficiency and may even hamper our growth.

Expand your Perception

When we take responsibility and the ownership to do it, we became the richest and happiest. For instance when you visit a place outside India, if you are asked where do you stay, naturally you will answer that you belong to India. When a person who belongs to India asks you where do you stay you will naturally say that you stay in Maharashtra, similarly if one who stays in Maharashtra asks you where do you stay you will be specific that you stay in Mumbai and so on. 

This is all based on our perception, we all actually belong to the same universe and also same planet but the way we perceive our position in the larger spectrum, we describe it in that manner. Our perception is limited. We need to be aware and clear to expand our perception because the whole spectrum is available to us. We can be the richest person in the world by living in the paradigm of ‘I am the parent of the world’.

A Super Leader lives from this paradigm and the whole world becomes his/her family and his play-ground. 

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