Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!

(Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!) …Creating Our Ideal World! 


Let Us Observe

Each one of us has a dream, a vision, a goal! 

Each one of us aspires to see it happen! 

For some it manifests magically. 

For some it takes a long time and effort. 

But for some, it does not manifest at all! 


Why is this so?

We often unknowingly harbor blocks  within ourselves which do not allow our energy to flow freely through us. 

One of the most important and biggest blocks is – RELATIONSHIPS! 

Relationships with parents, spouse, child, boss, neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues, employees and many more. 

This particular workshop will take care of ALL Relationships:  which are causing possible blockages in our energy flow, and which is hampering the manifestation of our vision.

Let Us Learn

 At the Workshop simple, powerful, practical techniques will be shared to: 

*Clear blockages in Relationships 

*Release the past 

*Start living from “Now” 


Let us experience soul-to-soul (Atma-Atma Sambandh) in each Relationship. 

Let us manifest our Universal vision of CREATING OUR IDEAL WORLD of PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY! 


To know more,  you may contact any of our below mentioned  coordinators

Julie Bhatia : 9029980847

Claire Corda : 9819700115

Chirag Shah: 9867373722

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