With feelings: (RYFM)

By Manoj J Lekhi

Whenever we have deep fears & insecurities, guilt or any low depressive thoughts which keep repeating beyond our control- Lets take an example -some people have fear of accidents which come again and again to them, and unknowingly they attract an accident in their life.

Some people have fears of being victimized and unknowingly they attract the same in their life. Some of us have fear of losing money and unknowingly we attract the same. Some people have fear of losing closed loved ones, and so and so for, this way we have many such fears. If we don’t do anything about it over a period of time unknowingly we attract the same. So once we know this technique called RYFM, then we can apply the same.

As we know thoughts are things, so if we have a unwanted thoughts unknowingly we attract the same through our experience. This happens because the thought creates the feeling the feeling creates likewise thoughts, and the likewise thoughts creates the further feelings, and this continuous cycle is memorized by the body and the same is manifested in the outer world.

This happens over a period of a time, depending on the intensity of our thoughts and feelings and the frequency too.

What we need to do here is whenever we are able to catch the feeling of low vibrations which is very easy to catch, because it’s the feeling which is the language of the body. Once we catch the feeling then we have to reframe and put the picture in our mind of what we want rather than what we don’t want.

Put the picture of what do you want and feel with the picture and that changes our feelings.

Once the feeling changes then our thought changes, further feeling changes and old memory is removed & replaced by a new memory of what we wish to Have, Be or To Do in our life.

Do this practice and you will stop the old karma and create a new world for ourselves.