Q . Should I start eating raw food from today?

A . Oh yes ! you can start right now. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to shift gradually from eating cooked foods. This way you can sustain the change for a longer period of time.

If for two days you have only raw food and switch over to cooked food for the next two days the digestive system cannot adjust and is not good for health.

Q . How much quantity of raw food should we eat ?

A . Normally, healthy people should have about 50% to 70% of their total daily food intake as raw food.

For someone who is not used to eating raw food, we recommend the follow­ing schedule:

First two days, have about 20% of your daily food intake in the form of raw food. Subsequently, go on increasing 10% every day.

By this method, you can be on 50% raw food within 5 days. Continue having 50% to 70% raw food as a part of your daily routine.

Once or twice in a month, you can do a”raw food fast,” i.e. have 100% raw food or juices for the whole day. This way, the system gets rest and is also cleansed.

Do some light exercises along with the schedule. This will help you to utilize die energy.


Q .Will the raw food make me weak or thin ? Are there any side-effects?

A . No, in fact you can be strong and healthy. You only have to understand and follow the instructions contained in this book.

Initially, a few people may have diarrhea or constipation. But this is only a sign of the body releasing toxins or adjusting to the “new” type of food.

Q . But what about my taste-buds ? Will they not suffer at this rate?

A . You can make very delicious mouth-watering dishes with raw food as well. That is why it is called Amrut Aahar.

Right now, due to abuse of spices and cooked food, the taste buds have become insensitive. So initially, some people may experience eating raw food as similar to chewing grass ! As you continue to eat


Chew the food very well. More than half of the carbohydrates are digested in the mouth itself. The saying goes, “Eat the liquids and drink the solids.”

About one-third of the raw food must comprise of nuts and sprouts. These will provide sufficient calories and oil necessary for good health.

It is a false belief that tomato and cucumber are sufficient as raw food. Other fruits, vegetables, greens nuts and sprouts should be included, or else one will feel weak and hungry.

The body will naturally adjust its weight according to its requirements. With raw food, obesity can be greatly reduced. At the same time, those who are underweight can even gain weight. Dry fruits help to put on weight eg. black raisins soaked over-night and eaten in the morning along with the water helps one to gain weight. So Amrut Aahar can work both ways. It is upto you how to use it wisely.

raw food, your taste-buds will also grow more sensitive. Then only you will dis­cover the subtle sweetness and mellow taste of raw food.

You are bound to enjoy the food that is natural to you.


Brain Revitaliser

1/4 kg ashgourd

1/4 kg bottle gourds

3 cucumber

Water as required (chilled)

Salt, lime and honey to taste

Peel ashgourd, bottle-gourd and cucumbers.

Put them in a mixer and remove juice.

Add same quantity of water as the quantity of vegetable juice.

Add lime juice, honey, salt and serve.