Rajiv Niranjan Shah

Rajiv Shah Shiksha Bharti Award winner by Govt Of India, and true disciple of Pujya Guruji is on a mission of educating and enriching people about their
True Financial Potential of Money, Wealth and Income Cash-flow with Chankya
Niti of Sham Daam Dand Bhed in Play way session of Chal Man Money Chaal.
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reality with Rich Mindset, Strategic Money management skills & achieving Financial
Freedom.. You will learn the unknown secrets that only successful business tycoons know of:

You will be more confident in taking financial decisions than before to earn and run your business effectively.

You will train your mind to generate ideas that will boost your business exponentially

You will learn secrets that keeps you in Chakkravyuh and will be able to identify income generating resources and opportunities to build net worth instead of focusing only on net income.

💰 If you don’t earn MONEY of your desire, 🤔 you have to explore the gap what you deserve. ❓

🎲 Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh is a tool, India’s 1st financial educational board game that can maneuver your mind 🧠in designing a successful blueprint. ✍️ It helps you to find the true potential of your income power ✊ by diminishing limiting money beliefs that restrict you to achieve your financial goals. Rajiv Shah will enrich all by awakening hidden Chanakya in You with wisdom tips of Sham Daam Dand Bhed niti to maneuverer
your mind and make a master move for Money in play way session of
Chal Man Money Chaal to know how to manifest your dreams into
the reality with strategic money management & achieving financial freedom..