Naini Setalvad
Lifestyle Obesity & Disease Consultan


When it comes to work-life balance, we overlook the importance of nutrition and its effects on our
productivity in the workplace. Eating healthy ensures physical and mental well-being, leading to
increased productivity in the office. Employees are the most important asset of any company and
hence as leaders, it is important to motivate your employees to eat healthier as well as provide the
resources for the same.


Over the past 21 years, Naini has conducted workshops that endeavor to heal with ancient Indian
wisdom of nutrition and food. Naini hopes to effectively steer people towards correct nutrition during
their hectic work life. In short, Naini wishes to prevent, retard and reverse diseases. Using FOOD as a
tool, she aims to successfully:-
 Reduce stress
 Reduce absenteeism
 Get better insurance premiums
 Reduce obesity/ overweight
 Better health score
 Weight management
 Improved memory and recall
 Improved interpersonal relationships
 Better sleep cycles
 Help achieve better immunity


Naini Setalvad is a nutritionist, columnist, educator and public speaker on diet and food research. After
her journey from 160 kilos to 60 kilos, she empowers people across the country via lectures and talks
on food & health. With increased work pressure, long hours and a single posture through the day, the
stressful working lifestyle calls from improved eating habits to give one an extra edge.


We can achieve the above through workshops and if so desired, one to one personal session with
corporate employees. Programs can be tailor made according to requirements. Initially you could opt
for paid introductory workshop of about 60-90 minutes in order for you to make further choices.