Manish Sharma

Serial start-up entrepreneur and an accomplished Parenting Coach with over 18 years of experience.
Having partnered with over 5 start-ups in last 8 years reflects the ability to collaborate and engage teams
with diverse backgrounds in effective utilization of strategies to increase revenues, brand awareness and
facilitate successful business efforts.

He works in the area of Parenting, and Personal Growth by connecting Science and Spirituality. As a
Parenting Coach, over 18 years of experience. He has coached/trained over 350000 Parents and over
25000 teachers in enabling them to raise kids with love and affection. As a Parenting Coach, the endeavor
is to guide the parents in creating a healthy, happy and balanced family life by working on improved
communication & relationship between parents and children.

Through an association of Parenting Coaches- DEEP, he is engaged in developing a team of professional
Parenting Coaches. In association with People for People Welfare Society he has initiated an awareness
program called “DEEP- Developmental Encouraging & Effective Parenting” an interactive discussion on
different aspects of Child Development. DEEP is an association of Parenting Coaches with more than
1004 coaches serving in India, Dubai, Iceland, USA, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Bahrain,
Nepal, Nigeria, UK, Canada, Kuwait & Germany.
Manish Sharma
Parenting Coach
Career Strategist & Brand Strategist
Founder – An association of Parenting Coaches ” DEEP ”
Founder – An association of trainers “THE TRAINERS’ CAMP”
Master Trainer – International Institute of Career Coaching
Head Channel Development – Orange Cube Consultancy
Head Training & Development – Discover In
“Discovering one’s Potential & Empowering it to Excellence”