Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Quality of content is certainly of prime importance in your answers. Along with it, your presentation needs attention too.


As the Prime Minister of India, I receive numerous presentations by ministers and officials about their work. The essence of the rich content comes out even better with quality presentation.


Good presentation is like beautiful icing on your favourite cake-it enhances the taste and leaves a lasting impression.


How a student presents the answers on the answer sheet is significant. While writing an exam, give the examiner the least possible stress. An examiner always likes well-structured arguments, presented neatly and coherently.


Remember, your examiner does not know you, and therefore, he or she is not evaluating you. He or she is evaluating your answer sheet and what you have written. Proper space managements, well-organize content and neat handwriting make for good presentation, which will leave a strong impact on the examiner’s mind.


In that spirit, work on your presentation skills throughout the year and keep practising the art of effective articulation. Seek the help of teachers, parents and others time and again if required.


Ensure that your emphasis on presentation is not time-consuming. Make it a part of your style.