A Little Every Day = Success
Consistency is a necessary ingredient in the recipe of Success!

Take any so-called successful person; successful outward or successful inward.
The one outstanding quality in them is that they are consistent in doing what they want.
For instance, take Sachin Tendulkar…. very consistent.
Take Amitabh Bachchan….very consistent.
Take Gandhiji…extremely consistent.

Consistency is moving forward a little at a time and eventually achieving our aim.
Consistency is Focus.
Consistency is Passion.
Consistency is Action.
Consistency is Patience.
Consistency is Commitment.
Consistency is a Habit.
Consistency is refusing to give up.
In this workshop we will learn how to build this vital habit in ourselves.
We will observe that by default whatever we want starts happening.
Millions across the world have done SSY, but very few apply the principles on a daily basis.
We explore the method to bring SSY knowledge and the knowledge we have received over the past few years, on a day-to-day level, on an hour-to-hour level, on a minute-to-minute level, on a second-to-second level.
We learn to apply it consistently, 24x7x365 such that we are living it, breathing it, eating it, sleeping it.
At this workshop, we bring forth this invaluable knowledge into our mind, heart, soul and imbibe it as part of our being.
Consistency expands our mind, increases our self-belief and changes our life!

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