Dr Wayne Dyer

Success principles

Now we understood how to write our visions, manage our thoughts

Along with this there are some time tested principles which have never failed and hence called success principles.

Success principles are more about controlling our action and taking charge of our life. It is always said that the only person we can change in this world in my own self and nobody else.

So let’s learn about these time tested principles.


  1. Take responsibility


  • You are where you are just because of you and no one else
  • If you want something in life which you have never achieved, you have to do something which you have never done.

    When we take responsibility:
  • We don’t blame others
  • We try & Find out solutions rather focusing on problems
  • People respect us



  1. Decision and commitment


  • Many people take decision to do some thing big in their life but very few of them (less than 5 % are committed to their decision )
  • The deference between winner and looser is generally the commitment to the task. It is said that winners never quit and quitters never win.
  • If you really want to succeed then increase your acceptable limit. Don’t compromises or give up till you reach where you want to reach.
  • Stay with people who have high acceptable limit and gather more information about them and how they achieve all the thing they desire 



  1. Law of abundance


  • We have unlimited potential
  • Everybody will get everything they want
  • Whatever we sow we will reap
  • Everything you have today in your life you have created with your past thinking and efforts and we may not be able to change it. But everything we want to have in our life we can start planting it. 

  1. Faith and belief  


  • Everything happened because somebody had faith in their dream. Human being is present on this earth for more than 35 lac years but we discovered that earth is not flat just 500 years before. We have started flying just 100 years back.
  • All the new inventions are the result of somebody dreaming and believing in their dreams.
  • It’s a famous saying ‘faith can move mountains’



  1. Self image  


  • What ever we are able to achieve or not achieve depend on our self image. Self image is mental picture of our past victories and defeats, thoughts & humiliations.
  • The only job of an individual is to improve his self image and the people around him
  • People who have higher self image do extraordinary things.
  • Our self image is strong when we are doing thing which we like to do the most.
  • All the individuals who have converted their hobby into their profession are most happiest and successful people around the world
  • Find out what excites you the most and keep doing it and you will never get tired of your work 



  1. Imagination and visualisation

Only human beings are blessed with the ability to visualise and create their own future. Visualisation allows us to think about all the things which we want in our life.

The best way to design our future is to keep visualising all the things which we want in our life.


  • Mind completes the picture you create in reality
  • Visualize all your dreams and feel as if you have already achieved them.
  • Practice what you want to experience. Every day when you keep thinking about things which you want the picture becomes more and more clear 



  1. Staying away from negative


  • Research proved that on an average ,we get 14 negative and 1 positive thought
  • Human nature to find negative first
  • Generally people don’t expect too much from us and that’s limit our potential
  • Perception is reality
  • Avoid being with negative people who tend to discourage you
  • Sharing your aspirations with people who want you to grow in life 



  1. Habits


  • Habits make us or break us
  • If we don’t control our habits, habits control us
  • Many people find it difficult to leave bad habits such as smoking or drinking or laziness. they laterally become slave to these habits
  • Let’s look at some very important habits that can help us leading a balanced and prosperous life 




  • Reading habit
  • Listening Habit
  • Sharing Habit
  • Habit of appreciation
  • Habit of self appreciation
  • Habit of meditation
  • Habit of daily exercise
  • Habit of reviewing quality time
  • Habit of planning – Daily ,weekly , Monthly
  • Habit of writing you own experiences
  • Habit of celebration
  • Habit of gratitude