Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


I often say, ‘(Jo khele who khile)- one who plays, shines.’


If you devote some time to outdoor games in the midst of intense studies, it will help make your preparations more effective. Go out and play. That way, you also get a well-deserved break. In fact, even the day before an exam, a short game or a quick run can do wonders.


A unique quality of sport is the complete oneness of the player with the sport being played. No matter who is playing, young or old, rich or poor, any sport completely immerses the mind and body of a sportsperson in itself. This ability to become one with what we do helps us do great things. This also helps tremendously in exam preparations. 


Outdoor sports enhance the spirit of fellowship among friends and instill the values of teamwork.


Apart from this, playing has many tangible benefits:


  • You take in more oxygen.
  • Your blood circulation improves.
  • Your muscles loosen.
  • Your mind-body coordination becomes better.
  • Your concentration improves. 
  • Your stamina increases.



A possible feeling of saturation after long hours of studying disappears.

So, play to shine.


ACTIVITY: State your favourite sport and make a Dream team of your favourite players.




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