The ‘raw food’ amc

Most of us know how much Guruji was at ease with things however imperfect they were. In fact, most of the times he would just allow all chaos around him. But there was another dimension to him too.

He was perfection personified. Not just that, he was discipline personified as well.If you want to know how to be disciplined, learn from Guruji. If you also want to know how to be in-disciplined, learn from Guruji.

An example of his perfection… When he would give any instruction to keep a thing in his bag, he would say ‘Go open my bag, and in the right hand corner there is a zipper.

In the zipper, there is a another pocket, in the pocket there is a diary, take that diary and give it to me.’ So this way he would be so precise in his instruction and he knew exactly where he has kept what. Not only did he have a fantastic memory he was a highly organized person too! He would have a place for everything; there would be everything in its place too!

I remember distinctly whenever we would ask him for any address or number, he would take out his diary, a small little organiser which was packed in a plastic. He would remove it from the plastic cover and give us the number. He had kept his organiser for years together. Just like brand new.

So much was his love for everything around him. Of course that time there were no phones, mobiles existing.

One particular 4 – day AMC comes to my mind. To our surprise on all four days he shared about raw food. On the fi rst day he happened to tell us something about benefi ts of raw food. Then we ate raw food that day. The next day again we ate raw food. And so much again he went into details that how we all are going to prepare food for everyone. And so beautifully, so interestedly he spoke to us on how to prepare the raw food.

After that he told us how to present the raw food and that whole day we spent preparing and decorating the raw food in an organized fashion with beautiful symbols of OM & Christ on the raw food.

So much was his love for perfection! That whole AMC I remember, he showed us how to sit in a C shape, how to lay down the carpet, how to put the name tags in an alphabetical order and four days of nothing but a training on how to present anything and everything in the world. So that people feel happy and great when they see things!

I have been gifted by the skills of organizing right from my birth and these have been further sharpened by Guruji himself on various occasions – however trivial it may be -maybe just keeping slippers in order or books in order, or arranging a table, or keeping things neatly.

I have gone ahead and expanded this learning into full – fl edged training modules in systems. Now a days I ask people to join our Patron programme.This is a programmefor 5 years where people come for scope camp once every 2 months. The purpose is simply so I can share all my learning of 24 years which I received from Guruji to them in simple, practical ways. This will enable them to put all of Guruji’s learnings into practice.

Thank you Guruji!