There are three kinds of fishes in the sea. One that gets caught in the fishing net and even aware that it is trapped  

Second is the one that gets caught on the net, makes a few attempts to escape, and then give up. 

Third is the one that is aware that it is trapped and makes strenuous efforts to escape to escape, tries everything possible and is able to free itself.  

Similarly, there are three types of human beings. Type one are the one who are trapped in the darkness of ignorance. They are not even aware of the traits of this human from and why they are come to this planet,  

Type two are those who meet the learned masters, who teach them.    But sooner or latter they relapse back into the illusory world. 


Type  three are like the fish which have understood that they are in a trap and strive to escape. They are aware and so they escape.  


Even the Devas will have to come down to attain salvation through this human from. 


Let find out why the Devas aspire from this human from. Heaven is a temporary  abode. This Devas have received this from only from carnal or temporary pleasures.  

They do not possess the freedom to perform any new action.  

We face the consequences of our past action as destiny and at the some time we have an opportunity to attain freedom from mental bondage through spiritual discipline.  


Now the  question that arises is, does destiny alone dictate the course of our life? No! Destiny alone cannot dictate the course of our life . Destiny and free will together work simultaneously. 


Having attained this human from, we will receive whatever we are supposed to , according to our destiny so we should not worry about that. We should only focus on the free will that God has granted us, to perform new actions. The greatest resource of mankind is his intelligence and his creativity power which he can uplift himself as well as other  

We are already receiving the fruit of the deeds we have perform in our previous birth. Whatever deeds we perform in this birth will result into our destiny in future births.  

Destiny and human effort go hand-in-hand. You cannot draw a line of demarcation and say I got this due to destiny, and this I earned through my own efforts. No ! It is a combination. Destiny and effort are the two wheels of bicycle. When both work in tandem, only then will the bicycle move forward, otherwise the balance will be lost. 


Once, a group of men were sitting in a boat going from one bank of the river to the other. There was a conversation going on and one of them said, “I have tried my best and have put in all efforts possible but I haven’t achieved success. Everything is predestined,” Another one opposed him saying, ‘Whatever we achieve is always and only due to our efforts. Destiny has no influence. You may have not put in sufficient effort.” 


“One of you says destiny is everything, the other one says it’s only human effort. I thought maybe this boat can also reach its destination by rowing only one oars.” The men said, “How is that possible? Both the oars have 



On one hand, they say God controls everything human beings cannot do anything. Even a leaf cannot flutter without God’s will. 


The same scriptures on the other hand says, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Man makes his own destiny. Some say time is all powerful. It is time that moves everything. 


The Bible says- “While giving alms let not they left hand know, what they hand giveth!” 


Hence we come to the conclusion that neither is everything done by us, nor can we leave everything to God or blame Him. Nor can we say that everything happens as per our destiny, it is a combination of everything 


Similarly if we are focused on our sadhana, or have surrendered to Guru or to the supreme soul and strengthened our will power, then during adversities we will not be as troubled. When we come face to face with any physical or material trouble, which will surely come as destined then at that time the intensity of experiencing it will be much less. Nobody has ever been able to get rid of miseries. But the discipline and the regularity of our sadhana lessens the intensity of our feeling.  


When someone is religiously and sincerely committed to his sadhana, his faith increases day by day, his submission is complete and he constantly keeps reminding himself that he is the eternal pure, conscious and liberated soul and whatever he is experiencing is happening to the body and not to him. But, when one lacks in sadhana, he faces trouble and feels tortured. He experiences even more pain than the actual intensity because of this  sheer ignorance and attachment to the body. 


A person who realizes that he is a mere onlooker, a witness, is able to separate himself from the body just as a ripe coconut separates itself from the shell (the outer hard covering) 

Everybody has to bear whatever is destined but a wise enlightened devotee, does not attach himself to the joys and sorrows that the experiences with as much intensity because he is not attached to the body.