Bharat accompanied by his armed forces was on the way to Chitrakoot, to meet his brother Raghavendra Sarkar.  

When his brother Lakshman saw the entire might of Ayodhya advancing towards their humble abode, he assumed that Bharat had brought such a powerful army as an act of aggression, to conquer Shree Ram while He is alone in the forest and to become the ruler of Ayodhya for ever. 

  This is why the Lord asked Prahlad to rule his kingdom because after realizing Him, The material World can no longer attract Prahlad. 

  We acquire a little knowledge and deem ourselves to be erudite, we earn obtain money and deem ourselves to be the wealthiest. No one else seems to be ourselves to be the wealthiest. No one else seems to be as handsome, modest or competent. But the truth is that our knowledge is negligible as we do not even know ourselves.  

Who is a theist ? 

Peace or happiness is another name for God. Hence, every person wants only God, whether we recite God’s name or not, visit temples or not, attend spiritual discourses or not, whether we call ourselves theist or atheist, we want only God and nothing else. Hence we are all theist.  


You can only measure how detached you are from your material world and how focused you are on the God if, at a single stroke your world is snatched away from you … your family, wealth  health, home, status everything is snatched away at once and it such a situations, the state of your mind continues to be calm and composed or you get very disturbed. One should do a self check. Do not jump to conclusions before hand, or you will be deceiving yourself.  

For example in today’s era, people say that science has made a lot of progress they have invented electricity, Aeroplan , rockets, satellites, televisions, telephone etc. But the truth is that they have not ‘invented’, they have ‘discovered’ these things. 


Electricity is not made from water. It is already present in water. Water is dropped from a height in such a manner that hydroelectricity is produced. It means electricity is a discovery.  


Columbus set out to search for “India”.