Necessity of Spirituality

Let us understand, spirituality is not about chanting shlokas neither is it about going to temples, mosques or churches, nor is it about wearing ochre robes or a rosary around the neck, or running away to the mountains, but in fact, spirituality is seeing Godliness in everyone. Every person is inherently spiritual. 


Spirituality is being happy for no reason. It is our true nature and our greatest journey towards arraigning our ultimate goal. 


You can choose to imbibe whatever you like and leave out what you do not agree with. 


But why should one believe in God? Why should one believe in an entity that can neither be seen nor heard? What is the harm in not believing in this higher power? 

Besides this, it is often said, written and discussed that whatever happens in our life, takes place by God’s will. We do not do anything, God is doing every-thing.  

Not even a leaf stirs without God’s will.  

If everything happens according to God’s will then what is the purpose of any discourses of Vedas and Shastras, or the advent of saints?  

Today many people believe that whatever happens, happens only according to one’s fate. 


Should we leave ourselves to the mercy of our fate.? On the other hands, there is another school of thoughts that says,  “ there is no such things as fate, we decide our own course of life”. Any intellectual person can get confused, as to what is the reality.  


Three main questions  

All the vast and deep philosophies of the world are an effort to answer these three questions.  


  • Who am I ? 
  • What is my ultimate goal? 
  • How can I attain it ? 



The  scriptures first outline the opposing view of the doubting party, where the non-believers voice is narrated.  Whatever questions that can occur to a common man will be presented beforehand and then the answer will be given. 


Our scriptures state that we have three bodies. 


  • Gross body    ( Sthool sharer) 
  • Subtle body     ( Sookshma shareer) 
  • Causal body    (Kaaran shareer) 


And there are three state of being: 


  • Awakened state     (Jagrat avastha ) 
  • Dream state         (Svapna avastha ) 
  • Deep Sleep state    (Sushupti avastha ) 



A visual experience is possible only when the mind and the eye, both are present otherwise we see but do not experience. We listen only both the mind and the ears are present. Similarly, if we are not aware our tongue will not get the test, even if the food is placed in our mouth. In an awakened state, the sensory organs need the mind to experience stimuli, but in the dream state, the mind alone performs all the actions. 


If we would have realized it, we would have believe it we would have been detached from our body. As of now, all our attachment is to our body . All our effort are to ensure that our body does not  experience any discomfort. We strive to protect our body and the bodies our relatives our our loved once.  

Why because we consider the body as ‘I’( Soul) here our all efforts are taken to protect the body.  


Every human being is scared of death. 


If a child comes a school at 4 pm daily , but for some reason gets delayed by minutes,  

By 5pm, she starts calling up everywhere to search for her dear child. 

Might have met with an accident or got kidnapped,  

Parents imagine the worst to have befallen their child  

Once love leads to fear. 

Why? Because we are attached to their bodies .     


Beneficence in thought, word and deed is the innate disposition  of saints. They undergo suffering in the interest of others.  


Krishna says, “How can you kill them? They will not die of your killing. On the contrary they are already dead. Those that seem alive to you will be slain by me. You are merely instrumental.” 


Arjuna, if you understand and realize that you are not the body, and all of them are also not their body respectively, then you will not grieve leaving your own body or at the death of anybody else.  


Lord Krishna says that the day you understand, believe , and accept that you are not the body, but the soul, your fear of leaving your body will cease. Let us say, we have an old dress and someone offers a new dress in exchange of the old one, won’t we be glad? We will not grieve over the lose of the old dress, “ Oh no ! He has taken away my dress!” rather we will experience joy getting a new one. Similarly, the day we will end, just as a snake discards its old skin and grows a new one. 


Just as an elephant is not aware of the flower garland placed around his neck, neither does he know when it falls off, similarly after realizing God, neither the possession nor the loss of the body will given any pleasure or pain.