God did not create the world He actually revealed or unfolded it according to the pre-existing order.  


The world was “revealed” means it already existed. For e.g., If I take a handkerchief in my hand and close my fist, it disappears , It cannot be seen anymore, but when I open my fist, it is revealed, it appears. 



Three bodies-  


  • The gross body (sthool shareer) 
  • The subtle body (sukshma shareer) 
  • The casual body (kaaran shareer ) 



Our scriptures tell us, when we die we leave behind the gross body. The subtle body goes with the individual soul. The causal body goes within the subtle body on its journey ahead, according to the actions performed. 



Every thoughts and action good or bad creates a subtle imprint on the hidden register of the ‘Chitta’, which continuously maintains the record of every thoughts, Action and feeling of the individual being, which regulates our fate after death. 


Do you know the meaning of the word “Upasana”? 

‘Upa’ means close and ‘asana’ means to sit. Shri Krishna says, ‘you achieve the one who you sit close to and worship’.  



The cuckoo is said to be very clever. It does not build its own nest. It lays its eggs in the crow’s nest the crow thinks they are its own eggs, and hatches them. When the chicks emerge , the crow feeds them thinking they are its own nestling. When the chicks grown strong enough, the mother cuckoo comes and takes them along with her. The cuckoo has a very sweet voice, so it is liked by all. The crow does not harm anyone, but its harsh cawing irritates everyone and it is chased away. The cuckoo charms everyone with its sweet voice.  



“If one is stung by a scorpion he can be cured completely, he will recover within a day. If one is bitten by a snake , it can be treated and he can go home in three days. If one is bitten by a mad dog, even that can be treated 100% within 10 days. But there is no cure if one is bitten by a man.” What is the meaning of a man’s bite ? 



The Pandavas had to spend one year incognito.  




There was a great dacoit known by the name ‘Ratnakar’. He used to loot and kill the saints, hermits, brahmins and all those. 



Naradji said, “Brother, all I have is this musical instruments, ‘ veena’, what will you get by killing me ?” 


“Brother, have you ever asked the ones for whom you sin, whether they will also share your suffering which will be the result of your sins?” The dacoit said, “No! Let me go and ask them “. 

 He tied Naradji to a tree prevent him from escaping and went home.  

So his wife said, “Why should I be a partner in your sins ? 

The Children also answered in the same manner, “You have given birth to us.      



Ratnakar was such a sinner that he could not even recite Ram-Ram, He started reciting it in a reverse manner ‘Mara-Mara’.